While I was watching the fourth series of John Adams,

it occurred to me that which of the founding fathers will appeal to girl the most

since they are all men of great stature and attractive.

The following are pictures of the four main founding fathers more visible in the series.

Of course, I hope that looks won’t be your sole reason, or it would be unfair to Mr. Franklin. XD

Tell us your favorite, will you? You may briefly explain how you take your pick.


  1.  George Washington



  1. John Adams



  1. Thomas Jefferson



  1.  Benjamin Franklin




I love all of them.


George Washington is a man of duty and honor. He is modest, agreeable and exceptionally cute, I would say.


Benjamin Franklin is very accomplished and sophisticated. It’s impossible not to admire his wisdom in dealing with assortments of people. He would be a cool and fun guy to hang out with.    


These two are great, but John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are actually my real favorites. I am still struggling with which one to pick between them. John Adams is down to earth and ardent. A man of integrity and passion. Though hot-tempered but lovable. On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin seems to be more reserved and low-profile. He is a man of few words and meditation. But he is not a man without humor(His interaction with Abigail arouses my interests really), he somehow appears sexy to me. XDD I may be able to make my decision after my further understanding of Jefferson with the coming three series.


I am looking forward to the results of this vote! > <

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