This couple is known as one of the most romantic couples in the American history.

So, we are interested about the love story and events between them.

On the internet, I found that most of the evidence of their love affair were on their letters.

There are little observasions from the third person of view.

But, this is the greatest website which introduce and investigate lots of things between them.

In this website, it also gives us lots of imformation of the people and events of indepence war.

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Amerianc Literature

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  • 小花
  • The website is very useful to know further about them.
  • 捷如
  • I like those pictures!
    There are a detailed timeline and comprehensive film descreption.
    People who have interest in Abigail should go to this site.
    In my opinion, she is really a good mother as well as a good wife, who shows perseverance and wisdom in that chaotic era.